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More than 1,000 municipalities, airports, military bases, private security firms, emergency response teams, and other public and private safety organizations can't be wrong. They've all stepped up to the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) for patrolling. They're connecting more with the communities they serve. They're keeping people safer. They're responding to emergencies more quickly. They're preventing crime. And they're doing so all while creating fewer emissions, taking up less space, and a lot less hassle than other transportation options.

For the multitude of private organizations using Segway PTs to patrol and respond to emergencies, the Segway PT is a force multiplier. They can put a guard out on a Segway PT and the public feels like there's more of a security presence.

It's part psychological, its part fact. Someone patrolling atop a Segway PT can see above the crowds and be seen. The rider is noticed and that translates into fewer car break-ins and lives saved because emergency equipment was able to be brought to a patient in need.

The Segway PT can be a major part of your organization or city's efforts to curb the consumption of fossil fuels and creation of excess greenhouse gases. Since each Segway PT operates off of lithium-ion batteries, it's inherently zero emissions during operation. This makes it a transportation tool that can be ridden indoors.

Respond quickly, maneuver with ease in any situation on any terrain, with Ease and Carry Equipmnent without Fatigue!

Click here to read the latest article from Orlnge County Sheriff's Office "Behind the Badge" on Segway use.

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The Washington Metro PD provides specialized Segway PT training within its vehicle skills unit.
Learn how campus security, beach patrol, bomb squads, and municipal police departments use the versatile Segway PT in their daily patrols.

INTERACT: The Segway PT has been called “the greatest community policing tool ever” by being the ultimate icebreaker for positive interactions and intelligence-led policing. It's innovative policing technology your agency can use to re-engage with the public.

GO ANYWHERE: Manage crowds and patrol diverse terrain, indoors and out. Be as versatile and maneuverable as on foot, but cover more area, and respond more quickly with greater visibility.

Washington, DC Parking Enforcement Team Deploys the Segway Personal Transporter (PT)
Segway® PTs Give a Big Boost to Community-Based Policing

See the Segway Patroller in action.

Improve Response Time and Reduce Fatigue: the Segway PT allows a patrol officer to respond to emergency situations faster and with less physical exertion for more effective response. The Segway PT is utilized in a variety of patrol environments and easily transitions from indoor to outdoor settings. Cargo options enable riders to carry essential equipment with them. With Segways you can multiply your force: patrol officers complete their patrol coverage duties up to three times faster and can do so more frequently when using a Segway PT versus walking. Improve Visibility - the Segway PT's higher platform height affords the patrol officer improved sightlines and visibility within their environment.

Introducing the Segway Patroller; complete with greater visibility.

From the top down, this new piece of patrolling arsenal has been designed with you in mind. You had visibility; we made you more visible with über-reflective shields. You started adding on lights; we packaged them better (and made them brighter). You stuck your organization insignia wherever you could; we created a better place for it. You wanted to carry more; we made the bag bigger. You wanted to feel okay about dumping the unit if you had to; we added a bumper that enables you to do just that. Take a look at the enhancements and you get why the Segway PT is the best choice for moving officers around and keeping people safer.

Optic yellow and white reflectivity

We noticed a trend in public safety – especially in Europe – with the increasing use of optic yellow to provide greater visibility of the rider. It is appearing in apparel, as decals on vehicles, and now it comes standard on the Segway Patroller. If it doesn't jibe with your organization, there's also white; both of which are made from 3M™ DiamondGrade™ reflective material. That's the same high-grade stuff you see on street signs and vehicle edging. Shine a light at it and it shines right back at you with nearly blinding intensity. You can choose black reflective identification lettering for police in multiple languages or security in English.

Red/blue or amber/white strobe lighting

Just below the top shield and above the center of the handlebar is a window that allows the integrated strobe lights to shine through. Choose between flashing red and blue or amber and white .

Tried-and-true technology; two base models

Each Segway PT uses patented dynamic stabilization technology that has been proven in the marketplace as a superior solution in crowded or tight venues. It empowers riders with unparalleled maneuverability (true zero turning radius) and a unique user interface that is so fluid we simply call it LeanSteer™ technology. C
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Which Segway Patroller Model Best Meets Your Community Policing Needs?

The Segway i2 and x2 Patroller models are highly maneuverable, boasting a zero turning radius, which allows them to move easily in very tight spaces.

They can pivot within their own shoulder width footprint as well as glide forward or in reverse. However, each model incorporates unique features that are targeted to specific applications.

The i2 Patroller is incredibly versatile and portable. It is a perfect choice for roadway, sidewalk, parking lot and large indoor venue use although it can handle off-road terrain.

The x2 Patroller includes all the aptitude of its i2 counterpart and adds more powerful off-road capability. It can traverse a wide variety of tough terrain including dirt, gravel, grass and sand.

Optional Accessories
The following items can be used with the i2 and x2 Patroller to increase stowage capacity, allow for off-board battery charging, and enhance portability and vehicle protection.

Patroller Accessory Bar

The Patroller Accessory Bar provides the ideal space to mount supplemental lighting, audible devices, or other aftermarket equipment. It installs securely behind the upper shield and extends out to the side so your attachments are still protected by the front bumper.

Universal Cargo Plate

To make the most of your Segway PT, equip it with a larger carrying area with this multifunctional cargo plate. Bungee hooks and cargo nets can be used for expanded flexibility. Can be installed on the i2 or x2 lower cargo frame in two positions for your preferred configuration.

Capacity: 15 lbs (6.8 kg) each
Dimensions (L x W): 17.5 x 5.8 in / (44.4 x 14.7 cm)

LED Headlight

Light your way with this high powered, energy efficient, 200-lumen, LED light. Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included), this light delivers two hours of high beam, eight hours of low beam, or six hours of flashing light. It also features a low-battery indicator light, auto-dimming to extend performance and it's easy to replace the batteries at a moment's notice. Fits perfectly on either the standard Accessory Bar or the Patroller specific Accessory Bar (both sold separately). Available in Chrome finish with "Segway" engraved on the side or in an Anodized Black finish.

Lithium-ion Battery

Developed with Valence Technology, Inc., Saphion® lithium-ion batteries run up to 24 miles/38.6 km on a single charge depending on model, terrain, payload, and riding style. These low-maintenance, long-life batteries can operate at temperatures as low as 14º F/-10º C. One-year warranty.

Segway Ramp Kit

Segway® Ramp Kit - A Must Have! The ramp kit allows you to easily pack any Segway PT into a car's trunk or a truck's bed. The top grips your trunk or truck bed while the traction foot helps anchor the ramp to the ground. Once the ramp kit is secure, guide your Segway PT up it. When you're done, the ramps fold in half and fit neatly into their own carrying case for easy storage.

Deployed (L x W): 68 x 6.5 in (172 x 16.5 cm)
Folded (L): 35 in (96.5 cm)
Weight: 12 lbs each, 24 lbs total (5.4 kg each, 10.8 kg total)

Segway InfoKey Protector Kit

Protect your wireless InfoKey Controller from incidental damage with this custom protector kit. Rubber cover fits snugly around the case with a textured surface on the Power/Standby button. Also includes a clear screen shield to discourage scratches.

LeanSteer Frame Tool-less Release

With this essential accessory, you'll be able to quickly remove your Lean Steer frame to fit your PT into tight spaces or in your vehicle.